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The Great War

The open-air museum of the Great War, in Lagazuoi

During the First World War the Falzarego pass formed the front line and saw heavy combat between Italian and Austro-Hungarian troops. A scene of immense beauty that became centre stage to one of the darkest chapters in the history of mankind. Today, you can walk through the tunnels and trenches dug out by the troops amidst spires, turrets and military huts. The amazing Kaiserjäger trail, exposed and in some sections equipped with support ropes, leads to the summit of Lagaciò. The Anticima tunnel, meanwhile, is an example of the most awe-inspiring tunnel systems created during the Great War, stretching for more than a kilometre. On the Valparola pass the Tre Sassi fort houses the Museum of the Great War, with many objects and memories reflecting the battles fought in the Dolomites.